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ellery adams' A Killer Collection

ISBN - 0425207455
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The first in a new antiques and collectibles series featuring Molly Appleby.

Raised by her antiques-loving mother, Molly is carrying on the tradition as a writer for Collector's Weekly magazine. Her new assignment: cover the kiln opening of a rising star in Southern pottery-making . No one worth his weight in clay would miss it. That includes George Bradley-Staunton, North Carolina 's most obnoxious collector. Pity he should drop dead so soon after the festivities.

Ruled an accident, the case is closed. But Molly suspects it's a carefully crafted case of murder?especially when Staunton 's most ruthless rival disappears along with some valuable pieces from the victim's collection. Now, along with her inquisitive mother, a handsome marketing director, and the notoriously catty “Queen of Classifieds,” Molly sets out to find the cracks in an unstoppable killer's handiwork.